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Graston Technique

Six Tools, Countless Excellent Results

Graston Technique

Family Chiropractic Center In Coral Springs FL is your chiropractor for helping soft tissue injuries with the Graston Technique

Invented in 1994, the Graston Technique utilizes six specially designed stainless steel instruments to detect and treat specific areas plagued with tightness, inflammation and/or scar tissue, and effectively relaxes muscles, breaks down scar tissue, and encourages the body to reduce inflammation.

The Graston Technique provides three major benefits:

  1. Faster recovery
  2. Less treatment time
  3. Major pain relief

This technique has been used to treat pain in every joint, including wrist, elbow, hip, heel and shoulder, hamstring injuries, fibromyalgia, and even for post-mastectomy and caesarean scarring.

The Graston Protocol

The tools are designed to cover both broad and delicate areas, from the meat of your shoulder to all parts of your feet. This technique produces the best results when paired with physical rehabilitation exercises and chiropractic adjustments to help restore blood flow and strengthen problem areas. This approach reduces the chances of a recurrence.

Before any tools are applied, we start by warming up your muscles with Nimmo Receptor Tonus Technique, massage therapy and/or by applying a heating pad.

Once your body is properly warmed up, we’ll rub affected areas with appropriate tools. It’s like getting a massage but with smooth stainless steel. We rub each area being treated for a calculated amount of time before the session is complete.

A Graston Technique session runs anywhere from 8-20 minutes. You may feel discomfort both during and after the procedure. We have ice packs available as needed. Most patients feel improvement within 3-4 sessions. Within 1-2 weeks you should notice pain reduction and increased range of motion. You should feel the full benefit within 10 sessions.

How the Graston Technique Works

The Graston technique works because of its ability to interrupt the pain cycle and scar tissue formation. Scar tissue causes soft tissue to stiffen up and restrict blood flow. The tools induce controlled microtrauma, triggering an inflammatory process that promotes healing and recovery to the area.

It’s like lifting weights, which create microtears in muscle fiber and tell the body to make more and/or stronger muscle. Graston tools draw your body’s attention to the treated area and tell it to bring on the healing and clear out the scar tissue.

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