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How Your Neck and Dietary Habits Can Give You Headaches

Written By Family Chiropractic Center on May 26, 2021

Nutrition and HeadachesOnce you understand what’s going on inside your body, the solution to getting rid of headaches becomes rather simple. We at Family Chiropractic Center in Coral Springs want to help you identify the root causes of your headaches so you can eliminate them from your life. Most often headaches stem from one of two problems: neck issues and your diet.

Your Neck and Headaches

People who regularly suffer from headaches often have a routine that can be painful to the neck. Tension causes muscles in your neck to tighten and that puts pressure on your spine.  Poor blood flow (from subluxations) causes less oxygen to get to your brain. This mixture can manifest as a headache. 

Poor posture can also lead to neck injuries and headaches. Constantly practicing poor posture negatively impacts nerves, muscles, joints, connective tissue, and the spine. You are literally reshaping your body into that hunched state. This puts you out of physical balance and can trigger a cascade of different effects and health issues.

Regular chiropractic care is an efficient, effective way to protect yourself from tension-induced headache/migraine. We offer a variety of chiropractic techniques including graston, to help with tension, the neuro emotional technique to help with stress, and even nutritional counseling since diet often plays a role in headaches.

Your Diet and Headaches

There are many foods and ingredients that can trigger headaches. Perhaps the most notorious one is caffeine--or rather a caffeine withdrawal.  If you are trying to get off of caffeine gives you a headache, wean off of the caffeine slowly. 

Other headache-inducing foods/ingredients include artificial sweeteners, food packed with preservatives (cured deli meats, boxed foods, frozen foods, anything that doesn’t come fresh from the produce section, butcher shop or bakery), heavily aged cheese, frozen food, salty food, and fried food. Alcohol and chocolate are also top offenders for causing headaches.

At Family Chiropractic Center, we’ll assess your neck, gut health and diet, and provide effective therapies to correct and help you prevent your headaches.

Get Expert Total Body Guidance On Headache Relief

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